Talk Like a King: Ties that Bind - Coming Soon

Hello everyone!
We'd like to first thank you for 1000+ downloads on this little game of ours over the last year!
- - -

Now we'd like to let you know that we have been working on a REMASTER of Talk Like a King!
This game previously was made in 1 month with bugs here and there and with MUCH room for improvement.
So we've listened to comments and have made adjustments and additions to make this remaster.

Talk Like a King - Game Site

Here were the features for TLAK

Talk Like a King -

  • 8 endings
  • 6 characters to talk and to get to know
  • 1 unlockable character
  • 10k+ word count

And here are the features for TLAK:TTB

Talk Like a King: Ties that Bind -

  • 14 endings
  • 7 characters to talk and to get to know
  • 2 unlockable characters
  • Updated Art & HUD
  • 20k+ word count (estimated)
  • Walking portions now added between conversations
  • Counter Attacks are now possible during conversations
  • ...and a SAVE FEATURE!!

We will be posting devlog updates onto our [Tumblr Blog] on Saturdays leading towards the release date.
We hope to make this game be a much needed and fun improvement of the first! Thank you!

- SunchildStudious

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