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v1.1.1 of Talk Like a King is now out!

What was changed:

  • Fixed a bug on a couple of routes that made the game glitch.
  • Edited the status bars a bit.


What happens when it's time for you to take up the responsibility of becoming
the Underworld King, but you have no interest? You runaway!
Though getting out of the castle is not a easy task, with a servant or family
member here and there everyone will try to stop you on your way out.

Help Princess Verbena make her way out of the castle to escape her royal fate.
Talk your way out of getting sent back to your room, be persuasive, witty,
charming, maybe even truthful to some!


There are 8 endings.

When going through the game there will be 3 choices given to you at one point, and they each have a different difficulty.

  • Library = Easy
  • Gardens = Normal
  • Throne Room = Hard


If you need help playing the game we have made a small guide for you.

[Talk Like a King Game Guide]


If you have any errors with the game please post a comment below or visit our blog and send a message, and we will get to you as soon as we can.

[Our Tumblr Blog]


10.01.2016 - v1.0.0 of Talk Like a King is officially released! Have fun everybody!~

11.02.2016 - v1.1.0 of Talk Like a King is now out!

What was changed:

  • Fixed the game crashing bug on the Queen's route.
  • Edited a couple of route's difficulty.
  • Added status bars during conversation.

11.30.2016 - v1.1.1 of Talk Like a King is now out!

What was changed:

  • Fixed a bug on a couple of routes that made the game glitch.
  • Edited the status bars a bit.

More information

Published108 days ago
Tags2D, Female Protagonist, Multiple Endings, RPGMaker, Short, text-based, Visual Novel
Average durationA few minutes
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

How to Run the Game

You will need RPG Maker VX Ace's RTP to run the game.
You can download that [ HERE ]


Talk Like a King v1-1-1.zip (13 MB)


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^^' I love this game XD

I got all the endings except for the secret one... Cause I keep failing talking to her.

Thank you so much for playing our game we're so happy you like it!!

If you want any help towards getting the secret ending don't hesitate to ask us (^▽^)/

Ahaha... Yup I need help. I tried it over 20 times now and I keep failing to get it.

Woah 20 times OAO?! Okay well lets see first to make it easy to get to her, type in BuffGirl at the start of the game. It's a skip code so you don't have to go through the Maid, Guard, and Chef to get to her.

We will probably compile this into a guide as a add on to our first walkthrough, but for now we'll just put it here.

Verbena is pretty easy going and loves a good chat. But still a lot of options are surprisingly still not to her liking..

If you have any questions about this guide or any problems show up during gameplay please tell us.

Questions -
1. What are you into?
Don't choose:

  • Blogging
  • Writing
  • Singing
  • Work
  • Crafts

2. Have any siblings?

Doesn't matter what you pick here.

3. ........

  • Are you doing the right thing?

4. What's your style?
Cancel (hit the X key) until you see

  • "Verbena please don't go."

5. Favorite Pet?

Don't choose:

  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Bunnies
  • Fish
  • Say nothing

6. Food you like?
Don't choose:

  • Homecooked
  • Fancy
  • Soul
  • Fast Food

7. ........


  • Please rethink about leaving.
  • That's happiness based on a lie then.
  • They will be hurt after they learn it's a lie

8. Do you believe in the paranormal?
Doesn't matter what you pick here.

9. What do you deem important?
Don't choose:

  • You, Verbena
  • Money
  • Power
  • Vengeance
  • Nothing is important to me.
  • Prefer not to say.

10. Come on let's go.


  • You're heartless aren't you?
  • You're not trying at all.
  • You're just running away from your problems.

11. Verbena looks stressed.


  • What are you doing..?

At this point the game should branch off and you'll be put into a danger zone. You'll get 7 chances and need to calm her down at least 5 times. You'll be given a hint for the first 3 chances (if she screams you lose a point). After that though she'll grow silent for the remainder of the last 4 chances. If you need any help with the danger zone please tell us and we'll add to the guide.

We really hope this helps. And when we finish adding all of this to our walkthrough we'll edit this comment so it's a link to that page okay.

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The code did help me a lot though, when I was doing it earlier I had to repeat the whole thing so many times XD


This game is really nice! I looove the character designs, they're all really unique and I found the characters likable in the short amount of time I got to spend with them :)


We are so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you very much for playing. o(*^▽^*)o